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    Welcome to Donovan Law Office, led by immigration attorney Maureen Donovan. Our dedicated team is committed to providing exceptional legal services for all your immigration needs.

    With extensive experience and expertise in immigration law, Maureen Donovan and her team offer comprehensive guidance and representation throughout the immigration process. We specialize in a wide range of immigration matters, including visas, work permits, family sponsorship, citizenship applications, and more.

    At Donovan Law Office, we understand that each immigration case is unique, and we take the time to listen to your specific needs and concerns. Our client-centered approach ensures that we provide personalized strategies to achieve the best possible outcome for your situation.

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    Gain invaluable guidance and personalized advice from our team of immigration specialists, helping you make informed decisions and navigate your path towards a successful immigration journey.

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    Navigating the complex landscape of immigration laws and regulations can be overwhelming, but fear not—our dedicated team of experienced immigration lawyers is here to streamline the visa process for you. With our in-depth knowledge and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, we take the stress out of obtaining visas and ensure a swift and efficient journey towards your immigration goals. Our expert attorneys diligently review your case, identify potential roadblocks, and employ strategic solutions tailored to your unique circumstances. By leveraging our extensive network and staying up-to-date with the latest legal developments, we expedite your visa application, sparing you from unnecessary delays. Trust us to guide you through the intricate immigration maze, as we work tirelessly to make the visa process faster, simpler, and more successful.

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      EB-5 Visa: Path to U.S. Residency & Investment Opportunities

      Explore the possibilities of obtaining permanent residency in the United States through the EB-5 Visa program. Discover the benefits, requirements, and investment opportunities that await you on this path to realizing your American aspirations.

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      The processing time for a US visa application varies depending on the type of visa and individual circumstances. It can range from a few weeks to several months.

      The eligibility requirements for obtaining a US visa depend on the type of visa you are applying for. Here are some general eligibility criteria for nonimmigrant visas (temporary visas) to the United States:

      Purpose of Travel: You must have a legitimate purpose for your visit to the United States, such as tourism, business, education, employment, or medical treatment.

      Nonimmigrant Intent: You must demonstrate that you have a temporary intent to stay in the United States and that you plan to return to your home country after the authorized period of stay. This requirement may vary based on the specific visa category.

      Valid Passport: You must possess a valid passport that will remain valid for at least six months beyond your intended period of stay in the United States.

      Application Form: You need to complete the appropriate application form for the specific visa category you are applying for, such as the DS-160 Nonimmigrant Visa Application.

      Photo: You must provide a recent photograph that meets the US visa photo requirements.

      Financial Ability: You must demonstrate that you have sufficient financial resources to cover your expenses during your stay in the United States. This may include evidence of bank statements, employment letters, or sponsorship documents, depending on the visa category.

      Consular Interview: Most visa applicants are required to attend an interview at a US embassy or consulate in their home country. During the interview, you will be asked questions about your travel plans, purpose of visit, and personal circumstances.

      To increase your chances of a successful visa application:

      Ensure all required documents are accurate and complete.
      Demonstrate a clear and legitimate purpose for your visit.
      Follow the instructions and guidelines provided by the embassy/consulate.
      Seek assistance from an experienced immigration attorney.

      During the visa application process, you can expect the following:

      Complete the application form accurately.
      Gather required documents and submit them.
      Pay the application fee.
      Schedule and attend an interview (if required).
      Undergo security and background checks.
      Wait for a decision on your application.
      Receive your passport with the visa (if approved) or a notification of denial.

      Yes, in some cases, you may have the option to appeal a US visa denial or revocation. The process and availability of appeals vary depending on the specific visa category and the grounds for the denial or revocation. Generally, you would need to submit an appeal to the appropriate authority within a specified timeframe, along with any additional supporting evidence or arguments to address the reasons for the denial or revocation. It's important to note that not all visa denials or revocations can be appealed, and the appeals process can be complex.

      Yes, it is possible to bring your family members to the United States, depending on your immigration status and the specific family relationship. The US immigration system provides various options for family-based immigration, allowing US citizens and lawful permanent residents (Green Card holders) to sponsor certain family members for immigration benefits. The eligibility and process can vary based on factors such as your own immigration status, the family relationship, and the specific visa category.

      For example, US citizens can typically sponsor their immediate relatives, including spouses, parents, and unmarried children under 21, without any numerical limitations. Lawful permanent residents, on the other hand, may sponsor certain family members, such as spouses and unmarried children, but there may be numerical limitations and waiting periods due to visa availability.

      The process for applying for asylum in the United States typically involves the following steps:

      Arrival in the US: You must physically be present in the United States to apply for asylum. Generally, you must apply within one year of your arrival, although there are exceptions for certain circumstances.

      Completing the Application: You need to complete Form I-589, Application for Asylum and for Withholding of Removal, and submit it to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

      Documentation: Along with the application, you should include supporting documents that explain and provide evidence of the persecution or fear of persecution you face in your home country. This may include personal statements, affidavits, news articles, or other relevant evidence.

      Biometrics Appointment: You will be scheduled for a biometrics appointment where your fingerprints and photograph will be taken for background checks.

      Interview: You will be scheduled for an interview with an asylum officer from USCIS. During the interview, you will be asked to provide details about your case and the reasons for seeking asylum.

      Decision: USCIS will make a decision on your asylum application. If granted, you will be eligible for asylum and may be able to obtain work authorization. If denied, you may be placed in removal proceedings and have the opportunity to present your case before an immigration judge.

      Whether you can travel outside the US while your visa or Green Card application is pending depends on your specific circumstances and the type of application you have filed. Here are some important considerations:

      Nonimmigrant Visa Applications: If you have applied for a nonimmigrant visa, such as a tourist visa or work visa, traveling outside the US while the application is pending is generally possible. However, it's important to note that traveling during the application process could potentially impact the outcome of your application. You should carefully consider the timing of your travel and any potential impact it may have on your eligibility or the interview process.

      Adjustment of Status Applications (Green Card): If you have filed an Adjustment of Status application (Form I-485) while you are in the US, leaving the country before your application is approved or receiving Advance Parole may be considered as abandoning your application, unless you have obtained Advance Parole in advance. Advance Parole allows certain applicants to travel outside the US and return while their adjustment of status application is pending. It is essential to consult with an immigration attorney before making any travel plans to ensure compliance with the rules and regulations governing your specific application.

      Consular Processing: If you have filed an immigrant visa application through consular processing, leaving the US while your application is pending generally does not affect the application process directly. However, it's essential to carefully review the requirements and restrictions associated with consular processing and any potential impact on your eligibility to enter or re-enter the US.

      B-1/B-2 Visitor Visa: For temporary business (B-1) or tourism (B-2) purposes.
      F-1 Student Visa: For individuals pursuing academic studies or language training programs.
      J-1 Exchange Visitor Visa: For participants in approved exchange programs.
      H-1B Specialty Occupation Visa: For highly skilled workers in specialty occupations.
      L-1 Intracompany Transfer Visa: For employees of multinational companies being transferred to a US branch, subsidiary, or affiliate.
      O-1 Extraordinary Ability Visa: For individuals with extraordinary ability in sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics.
      E-1/E-2 Treaty Trader/Investor Visa: For individuals involved in substantial trade or investment between the US and their home country.
      K-1 Fiancé(e) Visa: For the fiancé(e)s of US citizens to enter the US for marriage.
      U-1 Visa: For victims of certain crimes who have suffered substantial mental or physical abuse in the US and are cooperating with law enforcement.
      T-1 Visa: For victims of human trafficking.

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