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At the Donovan Law Office, we focus exclusively on immigration law and provide quality legal services that are affordable and effective. We use our knowledge and experience to help immigrants obtain and keep legal status in the United States.


We help immigrants and their families establish legal residence in the U.S. through adjustment of status (“green cards”), family-based visas, work visas, student visas and visitors' visas. Our firm works directly with clients and companies to guide them through the naturalization and citizenship process.




Immigration requires much more than preparing and filing forms with the immigration service. The statutes are highly complex and the regulations are frequently changing. Maureen Donovan has the education, training, and experience necessary to understand and interpret the immigration statutes and apply that knowledge to your case.


We are able to determine the best course of action to take with your immigration matter, such as determining what to file, when to file, and which information to disclose. With each client, we advise you based on the individual's situation and goals.


Everything we discuss is confidential and are protected by the attorney-client privilege, and we are held to the highest standards of ethics among professionals.

Why hire an immigration attorney?

Non-Immigrant Visas

Donovan Law provides assistance in acquiring work authorization through non-immigrant visa categories for those seeking temporary employment in the United States including:


Analysis of eligibility for appropriate non immigrant visa classifications, including: diplomats, officials and employees of foreign governments.



Diplomatic Visas



and Outer Continental Shelf matters; Temporary visitors for work training and conferences



Temporary visitors for pleasure






Crewmen of international airlines



Treaty Trader/Treaty Investor



Australian Nationals






International organization personnel and special immigrants



Specialty occupations



Temporary agricultural workers



Skilled and unskilled workers of which there is a shortage






Representatives of media



Exchange visitors






Intracompany transferees



Vocational students



Parents and children of special immigrants



Individuals with extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, or business



Internationally recognized performing athletes and accompanying individuals



Participants in international cultural programs



Ministers, professional workers in religious vocations and occupations and other religious personnel



Persons with information regarding criminal organizations who cooperate with government investigation

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